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Got Rust Around Your Windshield? Here’s What You Need To Do

Have you ever noticed rust around your windshield? It can be a pain to deal with, but don’t worry. There are many ways to get rid of the pesky stuff. Whether it’s cleaning or replacing your car’s windshield, there are some easy steps that will help you in the process. In this article we cover everything from what causes rust and how to remove it all the way through different repair options and replacement solutions.

If your windshield is rusting, it could just be the result of a tiny pinhole hiding in its seam or poor workmanship. As the weather gets colder, you may notice a rusty ring around your windshield. This could be caused by either damage to your car or an environmental factor like road salt. Regardless, you should get this fixed ASAP so that both your vehicle and yourself are not at risk! Here are some things you need to do if you’ve found any sign of rust around your windshield.

1) Test for leaks

Soap up your windshield, spray it with water and clean the edges. Get inside of your vehicle to check for any bubbles or droplets on the glass near its edge – if you find either one then that means there is a leak in need of repair!

2) Listen for unusual road noise

Next time you step into your vehicle, keep the music off and don’t run the air conditioning or heating. Do you hear audible wind noise while driving, even with closed windows? There is a high likelihood that the windshield seal has failed on most occasions; this will usually lead to an immediate replacement of said glass.

3) Look for signs of water intrusion

It’s important to check the upholstery and bottom of doors for any signs that water has made its way into your vehicle. If you notice a musty, mildew scent on either surface then it is likely there was some form or rain damage. Take another look at your dashboard and examine mineral deposits from evaporated water in order to confirm this suspicion.

A water leak is no laughing matter. When the odor becomes too strong, you might need a new windshield replacement in order to stop the problem at its source. But that won’t do much good if there’s also damage on your car’s interior surfaces–you’ll want to address those as well for safety purposes and prevent any unpleasant health hazards from recurring later.

4) Examine the windshield seal

If you can’t see any water droplets or hear an air leak when testing for leaks, take a few minutes to examine the windshield seal and look for signs of deterioration. Look closely near edges where there might be rust forming in the grooves around all four sides of your car’s frame. You’ll want to watch out as well if you notice dry rot forming on trim that has been exposed too much moisture over time; this could mean hidden cracks are developing within your vehicle.

5) Schedule a windshield replacement

Last, but not least, make sure to take your vehicle in for a windshield replacement as soon as possible. Rust around the glass is dangerous because it can cause potentially life-threatening safety issues. 

Corrosion may only develop when moisture makes contact with metal frame of the car for an extended period of time. If there’s considerable rust present, that usually indicates damage or leak from sealant which should be keeping the window attached safely to its place.

Worst of all, if you’re involved in a forceful collision, the glass may detach completely. This leaves your airbags to deploy outward rather than inward – leaving you and your front passenger unprotected.

The windshield is the first line of defense against a car accident. Protect yourself and your loved ones by scheduling an appointment with our team at Windshield Repair Modesto today!

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